Using American Auto Move’s Auto Transport Calculator to Get the Best Deals

We recently released a new auto transport calculator application to the public. The purpose of this tool was to compare auto transport prices between companies, validate the prices received, and then make a judgment about what price and company would work best to get a given vehicle transported. We’ve had tremendous success in getting people to use our application (it has been our most heavily trafficked page since release,) but we think that there is more utility there than people realize.

Today, we’re going to go over how to properly use this tool in order to get the best price for on your next auto transport move. First, let’s go over the basics so that we know what we’re working with.

The Basic Tutorial

auto transport calculator

The Date, Pick Up and Delivery fields are the primary fields

The primary fields that we’ll be working in are the Date, Pick Up, and Delivery Fields. Each of these fields are rather self explanatory; first, click on the Date field and enter a date:

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 3.50.53 PM

It is important that you enter a real date into the date field. Our calculator algorithm takes the estimated pick up date into account when computing your price. If you select a date that is within 72 hours of Today’s date, then your estimated price will increase. Use an accurate pick up date if you want an accurate price!

Next, you’ll want to enter in the zipcode of your pick up location. Your pick up location will be whatever location you choose, be that your home, the home of a friend, a parking lot down the street, or anywhere else that may be appropriate for a driver to pick your vehicle up from.

auto transport map

When you key in your pick up location zipcode, a map will appear so that you can confirm the location.

Once you’ve entered in your pick up location zipcode and confirmed it on the on-screen map, proceed to entering your destination zip. Your route will be displayed on the map for your confirmation.

auto transport map complete

Once you’ve entered in the date, pick up zipcode, and delivery zipcode into the corresponding forms, you’ll see your route appear on the map.

Optional Fields: Price Modifiers

Notice that there are a few check boxes below the main fields. You may click on these check boxes if they apply to your move. It is important that you use this check boxes if they do apply, because they will modify your quote price. In certain way

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 4.10.53 PM

The size of your vehicle may affect the price of your move. If you have a large vehicle (a pick up truck, or an SUV, for example,) please click the corresponding check box. The operability of your vehicle may affect how much it costs to move it. Because non-running vehicles require special equipment to move, they often cost more to move. If your vehicle doesn’t run, check the “My Vehicle is Inoperable” box. Lastly, if your vehicle requires an enclosed trailer for shipping, click on the “My Vehicle Needs to Be Enclosed During Transit” button.

Comparing and Receiving Auto Transport Quotes

validate auto transport price

The Rate Comparison Tool allows you to validate prices given my other companies

The most innovative feature of our calculator is the ability to compare auto transport quotes and validate prices. You can enter in the prices given to you by other auto transport companies and compare then with each other, and also against a baseline price.

Our algorithm for computing the baseline price for auto transport is perhaps the most advanced of its kind. Other auto transport calculators assess only the distance between two points and ignores most other conditions. This can lead to dubious pricing. Our calculator takes into account specific information about routes to provide more robust pricing. Where other calculators might over or under-quote you for certain routes at certain times of the year, our calculator will not, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the most accurate price for your move, no matter where you’re moving to or when you’re doing it!

Receiving and Comparing Quotes

There are several options for receiving and comparing quotes. In some cases, you might come to the Rate Comparison Tool to get a quote from American Auto Move. In other cases, you might only want to compare quotes that you’ve already received. You might want to both compare quotes and receive a custom quote from American Auto Move as well. The Rate Comparison Tool allows you to do all of these things.

compare auto transport quotes

You can compare and receive quotes at the same time with the Rate Comparison Tool.

You will receive a quote from American Auto Move by default. If you’d rather not receive a quote, simply uncheck the checkbox. Also note that American Auto Move will never save or sell information about companies that you key into the competitor price fields. The purpose is the rate comparison tool above all else is to grant auto transport consumers the ability determine whether the quotes that they receive are accurate. Therefore, we don’t require you to enter in any personal information in order to compare auto transport quotes.

Evaluation the Competition

auto transport information

Once you’ve entered in all the required information, you’ll get a bunch of information about your move.

The final page that you’ll land on is the quote page. This is where you’ll receive your price (if you chose to receive one,) as well as the validations of competing prices. When we detect a price that falls outside of the “standard rate,” we let you know that the price is either too high or too low, as well as a description of how we calculated this. Thus, you can tell right away if you’ve received a valid (i.e. accurate) quote!

Standard Rate

If you’re price falls within $150 of the standard rate, then you should have confidence in the ability of the issuing company to provide service.

Higher Than Average Rate

When you enter in a price that exceeds the baseline price by $150 or more, the Quote page will return Higher Than Average Rate. In the event that you receive a higher than average rate warning, me sure that the quote provider has given you an accurate quote, or that you have given your quote provider accurate information about your move.

Lower Than Average Rate

The Quote page will return Lower Than Average Rate when you enter a quote that more than $150 lower than the baseline price. Receiving a lower than average rate can may mean that the issuing company may have forgotten to charge for an oversized vehicle, or forgotten to add a premium for the location, or any number of mistakes. It could also mean that the price is purposely lowballed to get your business. Either way, you might want to contact the issuing company again to rectify the issue.


We are constantly making changes and adjustments to the way that our Rate Comparison Tool works. We plan on adding many features in the future, including the ability to check reviews of a given company right through our client. Our goal is to make sure that you get the most accurate information about your auto transport, period.

Check out the Rate Comparison Tool today and get your free instant auto transport quote right now!