Top 5 Reasons to Use Auto Transport

Every car move is like a snowflake; special and unique in it’s own right. Like nearly every other situation in life, the details and the reason behind choosing to do auto transport is different for everyone. But there are some similar strains and reasoning behind each move — and indeed a story. While we won’t (and can’t) get into every reason that people might have to ship, we can certainly get into¬†some¬†of those reasons.
  1. Buy/Sell/Trade Online – A lot of people buy, sell, and trade cars online. This is a somewhat recent development (it’s been really picking up in the last 10 or so years.) Auto transport is perfect for this kind of job because the buyers and sellers seldom want to drive across the country JUST to haul a car
  2. School – A relatively high number of the moves we do in the Fall and Spring are for shipping to schools. Obviously, this number drops off significantly once those few weeks have passed.
  3. Work/Career – People move their cars across country when relocating for a job. Between the hassle of having to drive thousands of miles while juggling all the responsibilities of a family, it’s usually a lot easier to just let someone else do the heavy lifting.
  4. Giving a Car to Friends and Family – You might be surprise to see this as a top reason, but it truly is quite common. People often gift their cars to those who need them the most, be they friends or family.
  5. Car Shows – Getting your car to a show almost never involves driving the car. A lot of time and preparation goes into making a showcar a winner. Too many things can happen on the road, so it’s quite common to have an auto transport company pick it up. This is usually done on an enclosed transport trailer.
And there you have it! These are the most common reasons to ship! If you have any other stories you’d like to share, leave a comment below!

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