Ship a Car from Wisconsin to Tennessee

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Have Your Car Shipped Safely from Wisconsin to Tennessee

There can be several occasions when you need to travel from one part of the country to another and when you neither want to drive all that distance, nor leave your car at the point of departure. Maybe you are moving from Wisconsin to Tennessee and cannot afford to leave your car behind, or maybe you need your car for moving around during a longer stay at your destination. If you want to skip the 12 hour drive to Tennessee, yet have your car with you there, then you can use the auto transport services that we offer gladly at American Auto Move.

What is American Auto Move?

American Auto Move is one of the most reliable auto transport companies that you can find throughout the United States. If you need car shipping from Wisconsin to Tennessee, then our company can provide various solutions for you: direct auto transport, enclosed auto transport, express services, military auto shipping and others.

The “Services” section on our website describes our various services in more detail. You may have your car shipped from a location of your choice through the door-to-door service (direct auto transport) or you might bring your car to a specific terminal from where it will be shipped (the terminal shipping service). Direct transport services are standard and do not involve additional fees.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Wisconsin to Tennessee?

One of our most important goals is to offer great services at competitive prices. Our website offers a great solution for comparing quotes, the Auto Transport Calculator, in the “Compare Quotes” section. There are just a few fields to complete: pick-up date, pick-up and delivery zip and details regarding the vehicle that needs to be transported.

By filling in the names and prices of competitors, you can receive a compared quote, so that you can decide between transportation companies based on figures. The comparison tool compares prices to the standard rate, so that you know which rates are actually valid. The standard rate is calculated given the distance between the pick-up and destination places and the result from multiplying it by .32. Currently, the standard rate for shipping services is $0.32 per mile.

As one of the nation’s most highly rated transport companies for vehicles, we guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the services we provide for having your car safely delivered from Wisconsin to Tennessee.