Ship a Car from Wisconsin To Oregon

Ship Your Car Safely from Wisconsin to Oregon

If you need to move your car from Wisconsin to Oregon and you want to avoid driving for two full days to cover the 1,600 mile distance, which means, practically, crossing the United States from East to West, please consider the opportunity of hiring the services of a professional company like ours American Auto Move.

Why Should You Hire Our Wisconsin to Oregon AutoTransportService?

The answer is simple: we are professionals and we have been in the car transportation industry for many years. We know how to take care of your car and bring it safely to destination. From Wisconsin to Oregon, autoshipping companies may charge you a lot of money, but our prices are always decent. Moreover, once we promise to deliver your car on a certain day and hour, we always keep our promise. Our clients are always satisfied with our services, and we do our best to keep them like this. Considering the distance from Wisconsin to Oregon, we think that our offer is the best that you can get.

What Kind of Auto Shipping Services We Offer from Wisconsin to Oregon?

We offer several transportation services, depending on the starting point and the destination, distance, profile of your car and many other factors that may make us recommend you a particular service. For Wisconsin to Oregon vehicle shipping, the following services are recommended:

Direct auto transport you can ship your vehicle directly from your current location to anywhere in the US. This service is available as long as both the starting and the destination point are locations where our trucks may load or unload safely.

Enclosed auto transport you can protect your car from the weather elements and yourself from inevitable stress, by benefitting from an enclosed trailer for shipping.

Express auto transport your vehicle will be picked up within less than 24 hours from the moment of your order placement.

Open car shipping your car will be shipped on an open trailer. This service is our standard way of transportation.

We are sure that one of these services will suit your needs.

How to Contact Us

If you decide to ship your car from Wisconsin to Oregon, check all the details of our offer on, or call 1-888-201-2370 and talk to one of our agents to get a price quote and get all the answers you need.