Ship a Car from Wisconsin to New York

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No Need to Drive All the Way from Wisconsin to New York

When you need to get your car from Wisconsin to New York, it may seem that the only available option is to drive all the way by yourself, but did you know that there is another alternative, a much more reliable option that has nothing to do with you spending nights on the road and risking to be involved in an accident?

That is right! We are that second option. Here, at American Auto Move, we take care of all your car shipping related problems. We are one of the best auto shipping companies from Wisconsin to New York and even throughout the US.

What Does a Shipping Service from Wisconsin to New York Imply?

The only thing you have to do is to provide us with some information about your car and shipping needs. Just tell us from where to pick up your car, what model and year it is, and where you want us to deliver it.

No more stress, no more time wasted on the road, no more tiredness, no more driving related problems. We will load your car on a vehicle shipping carrier from Wisconsin to New York and we will safely deliver it to destination.

What Is the Price of Shipping a Car from Wisconsin to New York?

The price is calculated based on two important factors. The first one is the exact distance between the pick up point and the destination. Officially, the distance between Wisconsin and New York is of somewhere around 1,000 miles, but you may need your car to be transported on a shorter distance. That is why we cannot give a list of fixed prices for our services.

The second factor to be taken into consideration is the dimension of your car. To be more precise, for instance, a Mini One is cheaper to ship than a 4 x 4, no matter if it is from Wisconsin to New York or on a different route.

How to Start Working with Us

There are two ways to contact us. The first one is to go online, at On our website, you will find any information you may need about our services, discounts and special offers.

The second way to contact us when you decide to hire us to ship your car from Wisconsin to New York is calling (888) 201-2370 where one of our representatives will guide you through the necessary procedure.