Ship a Car from Wisconsin To Idaho

How to Enjoy a Safe Auto Transport from Wisconsin to Idaho?

If you are changing your residence and you have to transfer your car from Wisconsin to Idaho, the option of driving 1,611 miles is not too convenient, as at least twenty five hours should be spent behind the wheel. If we take into account the constant need to focus on different traffic challenges, as traffic risks are always present, then you will not enjoy the at all.

Choosing to hire an auto transport service from Wisconsin to Idaho will save you of a lot of worries, stress, and will help you focus on the other important things that need to be arranged when moving.

How to Prepare Your Car for an Auto Inspection before Shipping It from Wisconsin to Idaho?

After deciding on the best auto transport company from Wisconsin to Idaho, a car inspection before the transfer is compulsory. When making the arrangements for the shipping of your car, you should confirm your availability for taking part in the inspection of your car. You should sign the Bill of Landing, which presents the condition of the car at the pickup and at the delivery. If the car has dents, scratches or nicks, all of them should be mentioned in the report before the transit. If you sign the Bill of Landing in a hurry, you are unlikely to obtain compensation for small damages appeared along the way from Wisconsin to Idaho.

If possible, the inspection should be scheduled during the day, to allow the best possible lighting for the auto inspection. All your personal items should be removed from the car, as the shipping insurance does not cover them, and auto transporters are not licensed to transport personal items. If they do it, they may receive a fine. Heavier items left in the car may increase the weight of the car during the shipping and may lead to uncovered damage to the undercarriage of the car.

What Are the Transportation Options for a Convenient Car Shipping from Wisconsin to Idaho?

Our company, American Auto Move, offers you open or enclosed auto transport, depending on your needs, and our consultants are ready to assist you in choosing the best solution. Cooperating with us to ship your car from Wisconsin to Idaho will give you the possibility to leave your worries aside and receive your car at destination in a perfect condition.