Ship a Car from West Virginia to Virginia

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Car Shipping Choices from West Virginia to Virginia

If you have a car you need to move from West Virginia to Virginia, you may think that shipping it would be more challenging than driving it. But you may want to think again.

Why Hire a West Virginia to Virginia Auto Transport Company?

Since West Virginia and Virginia are located right next to each other, it may be that you just have to move the car a short distance. In this case, maybe you have a friend or family member who can pick you up after you drive the car to its destination, and it will all be just a simple job, requiring less than an hour of your time.

But from one end of West Virginia to the opposite end of Virginia is a long way, and depending on where you are starting out from and where you are going, the trip may not be short or simple at all. For example, the distance from Wheeling, West Virginia to Virginia Beach, Virginia is about 450 miles, and it would take you (and your friend, of course) all day to make the drive.

Another reason to choose car shipping from West Virginia to Virginia is that the vehicle you need moved may not be ideal for the drive. Maybe it is not in great condition, or maybe it is a mint-condition classic or luxury car that should be handled with care.

Do West Virginia to Virginia Vehicle Shipping Companies Charge a Lot More than the Cost of Driving?

Believe it or not, if you book your West Virginia to Virginia auto transport with us at American Auto Move, you will almost certainly pay less than you would if you drove the car yourself. Shipping a vehicle on one of our carriers is so much more fuel-efficient than driving it that even after we pay the driver and allow for insurance and all our other expenses, we can still save you money.

How to Contact Us

To learn more about how you can save money, time and work by letting us ship your car from West Virginia to Virginia for you, we invite you to visit our website at Or if you prefer, you can call us at 1-866-327-7863. Either way, our customer service representatives will help make sure all your questions are answered about shipping your car from West Virginia to Virginia.