Ship a Car from West Virginia to Maryland

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Should You Select Open or Closed Transport for Moving Your Car from West Virginia to Maryland?

The job of shipping your whole household from West Virginia to Maryland is one that can be very difficult for anyone. There are tons of various things that have to be kept in mind, in order to ensure that all your things are maintained in optimum condition during a long transport.

This is mainly the reason why so many people like to make moving a lot easier by hiring one of the West Virginia to Maryland auto shipping companies. For one thing, it saves the whole trouble of driving the 200 miles for more than 5 hours to get from one state to the other.

What Are the Benefits of Open Vehicle Shipping from West Virginia to Maryland?

This is the common option for people who need to ship their cars over long distance and it is the industry’s standard, since all car dealers use this method for vehicle moving. If you pick this option, your vehicle will be transported by an open car shipping carrier from West Virginia to Maryland. These carriers are able to carry approximately 10, or even 15 automobiles at one time.

While this method is the cheaper one, it also can bring a few risks. Because the cars are out in the open, there is sometimes the danger that your car can suffer damage along the journey from West Virginia to Maryland. These threats can come from road debris or severe weather conditions.

When Should You Choose Enclosed Transport?

Because of the factors listed above that come with the open shipping option, customers sometimes select enclosed transportation from West Virginia to Maryland. This is generally the best method for customers with luxury vehicles, as they are more valuable than common cars. An enclosed carrier can only ship four or five cars at once and this is why this method is so much more expensive. Of course, the money will be well spent because you will be taking the necessary precautions against damage to your valuable car.

American Auto Move is a company that offers both open and enclosed carriers, for any type of vehicles, no matter their size or value. Our website,, is a great source of information regarding each one of these options, so we can offer you the best West Virginia to Maryland shipping for your car.