Ship a Car from West Virginia to Arizona

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Tips for Transporting Your Vehicle from West Virginia to Arizona

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when getting ready to ship your car from West Virginia to Arizona:

  • Make sure that all the car’s systems are running correctly and they do not have any overlooked technical problems. If the car has some malfunctions, then you can be charged with an additional fee if the drivers have to push it on and off their transport trailers.
  • Always tell your moving company if you have any problem with the vehicle the first time you contact their staff. This way, both parties know all the details and you can avoid an unpleasant and expensive surprise when you get your bill. The more honest information you provide about the car, the more accurate your West Virginia to Arizona auto transport quote will be. Plus, keep in mind to offer them a fast contact number when your car is on the road, so that the drivers can call you immediately if it is necessary.
  • It is always a great idea to wash the vehicle before it is picked up by the shipper, since this will allow you and the drivers to make note of any preexisting scratches or dents. Ensure that the car has no leaks before it is lifted up on the truck or it might drip fluid onto the other vehicles while they are on the road from West Virginia to Arizona.
  • The battery in the car should be charged and in good condition, the gas level in the tank should be low, and the vehicle’s alarm systems have to be disabled so that they do not drain the battery.
  • Remember to remove or secure any loose items inside the vehicle that might shift around during car shipping from West Virginia to Arizona. Take out any items you may want to have access to, such as your laptop and cellphone, as sometimes it can take up to several days for the vehicle arrives at its destination.

Tips for Transporting Your Vehicle with American Auto Move

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