West Virginia Auto Transport

west virginia auto transport

American Auto Move is amongst the industry’s highest rated companies and has been providing service to West Virginia for over 12 years. We’d be happy to transport your vehicle for you, no matter what kind of vehicle it is; be it a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or anything else!

Our extensive transport in West Virginia and our large network of drivers means that we have one of the best turnaround times and lowest auto shipping rates possible. Call American Auto Move today at (888) 201-2370 and have your vehicle picked up right away!

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American Auto Move’s mission is to ensure that our customers get the transport services that they need. Call American Auto Move at (888) 201-2370 and speak to one of our auto transport experts about West Virginia auto transport today!

If you’d been thinking about driving or transporting your vehicle yourself, we urge you to take a moment and consider the costs of driving. When you add in for food, gas, lodging, your time, and a plane ticket back, driving is more expensive than driving:

Your costs:

  • Plane ticket – $200-500
  • Food – $100-200
  • Gas – $125-250
  • Lodging – $250-400
  • Time / Opportunity Costs – $200-500
Total Cost: $1000

Our costs:

Average cost for Open Trailer auto transport from West Virginia: $750 TOTAL COST Shipping your vehicle with American Auto Move makes a lot of sense. The typical road trip around the company will cost you about $1,000, while catching a ride with American Auto Move ill only costs $750 on average!

When you ship with American Auto Move, you’re saving in a number of ways. American Auto Move will actually save you time and money! Don’t bother driving when American Auto Move can West Virginia auto transport for less. Call American Auto Move today at (888) 201-2370 and have your car transported now!

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