Ship a Car from Washington to Virginia

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Cheap Car Transport from Washington to Virginia: Great Service, Low Price

If you need to ship a truck, bike, boat, tractor, race car, construction vehicle or just a regular passenger car from Washington to Virginia, there are plenty of choices available. The open multi-vehicle carrier is the most affordable and most commonly used option, but many people with antique, luxury or race cars prefer the enclosed carrier.

How Trustworthy Is Cheap Auto Transport from Washington to Virginia?

In the majority of auto shipping cases, the car is loaded onto an 8- or 10-car carrier which is very similar to the carriers that deliver new cars to the dealerships. The carrier is around 70 to 85 feet long and approximately 12 feet high.

These beasts can be quite challenging to maneuver, and are limited to the major roads going from Washington to Virginia that have no low bridges. You have to be aware of these limitations when you are directing the driver to your house or wherever you want him or her to pick up your car.

When a Washington to Virginia auto transport company mentions the pickup window, it is actually referring to the period surrounding the pickup date. For example, some movers can have a two-week window. This way they are able to pick up the vehicles anywhere from 7 days before to 7 days after the pickup date.

Some lower-priced carriers cannot specify the exact pickup date, but the customer may get a great price in return for the inconvenience. The disadvantage of this is that the car owner may not see his or her vehicle for three or four weeks.

If you contract for cheap auto shipping from Washington to Virginia, be sure that the company shows you valid and up-to-date proofs of their federal license and insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, in today’s market there are plenty of companies promising great deals for shipping cars from Washington to Virginia that do not meet the license and insurance minimums required by law. They will transport your vehicle for a very low fee, but leave you unprotected against theft and damage.

At American Auto Move, we are fully licensed and insured, and we have built our business on our professional reputation. In fact, our customers consistently rate us among the best in the business. Visit our website at to learn more about getting your car from Washington to Virginia.