Ship a Car from Washington to Texas

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Hire the Best for Your Washington to Texas Auto Transport – Contract American Auto Move

The Washington to Texas auto transport route gives us a very high volume of orders, so we can proudly say that American Auto Move is a real expert in shipping vehicles between the two states. If you are looking for a cheap, high quality auto shipping service to get your vehicle to Texas, we are one of the most reputable auto shipping companies in the business and you will surely be happy with our services.

Get the Best Washington Shipping Service from American Auto Move

We would like to make your life easier by offering you varied transport options. We work with a huge driver and hauler network just to make it easier for you to choose the carrier that is best for your car. Open haulers can transport anything from motorcycles to trucks, while enclosed carriers are the best options if your vehicle needs special protection.

Choose the Most Comfortable Pick-up and Delivery Type

We provide door-to-door, port-to-port and terminal shipping as well. If your vehicle needs to be picked up and delivered from a specific address, choose direct, door-to-door shipping, but if you prefer to take your vehicle to us, you can choose one of the other two options and leave your vehicle at one of our facilities.

American Auto Move Gives You the Best Turnaround Times

We diversified our Washington to Texas transport plans in terms of shipping times as well. Our standard pick-up times are between 2 and 4 days, but you have the possibility to get your car shipped within 24 hours if you choose one of the express services we provide for metropolitan areas.

Follow Your Shipment Online

You can now benefit of free, 24/7 vehicle tracking as well. If you access our online tracking service you can instantly find out where your car is at the moment.

What Is the Price to Ship a Car from Washington to Texas?

American Auto Move provides not only the most varied and flexible, but also the cheapest shipping services in the business. We are able to negotiate the best prices for our clients, and our flat rates make Washington to Texas vehicle transport affordable for any budget.

Your Free Auto Shipping Quote is Just Minutes Away

If we got you interested, you can obtain our offer on paper right away. We are available on the phone at (888) 201-2370 or, if you are more comfortable using our website, you can submit your request here and we will send you all the details of your Washington to Texas car shipment within a few minutes.