Ship a Car from Washington to New York

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How to Find Cheap Car Transportation from Washington to New York

If you have to travel from Washington to New York and you also need your car there, it means that you have to drive somewhere around 2,800 miles. That is a real adventure, with lots of problems that have to be taken into consideration. Only if you think about the weather, the nights on the road, the closed roads or the possibility for your car to break down in the middle of nowhere, you understand the true implications of such a trip. Here is where we step in, the specialists of American Auto Move, a serious car shipping company from Washington to New York that will provide professional assistance for this problem.

What Are the Services That We Offer?

Simply put, we take care of your car and we deliver it to destination. So, if you want it to arrive from Washington to New York, we are the best company in our line of business. When you hire our services, we take your car from the pick up point, we load it on a car shipping carrier from Washington to New York, and we deliver it safe and sound to its destination. You can take the plane and just meet us there! This is how you avoid stress issues, tiredness or any other driving related problems.

How Much Do We Charge for Such a Service?

An exact cost of a car shipping service from Washington to New York can be estimated after we take into consideration two aspects. These would be the following: the exact distance between the pick up point and the destination point and the characteristics of your car. So, the distance from Washington to New York is of around 2,800 miles, but maybe you need your car transported on a route that only covers 2,650 miles or only 1,000 miles. The price is calculated according to the exact number of miles. As far as the characteristics of the car are concerned, the exact dimensions of your vehicle will also influence the cost of the final service.

How to Find Us

After you have decided that it is not worth traveling by yourself for 2,800 miles and you want us to ship your car from Washington to New York, or anywhere else around the country, feel free to contact us, online at or by phone at (888) 201-2370.