Ship a Car from Washington to Florida

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Hire a Team of Professionals to Move Your Car from Washington to Florida

Whether you are planning on moving from Washington to Florida or you just have to travel to the southern state for business, you should consider having your car delivered by a professional car shipping company. At American Auto Move, we have handled the delivery of thousands of cars all around the country, and with only one simple call at (888) 201-2370, you too can benefit from our Washington to Florida cheap auto shipping services.

Why Should You Hire an Auto Transport Carrier from Washington to Florida?

Most people are reluctant when it comes to entrusting someone else with the shipping of their most valuable assets, let alone their car. The truth is that having your car shipped by professionals will most certainly prove safer than driving it on your own all the way from Washington to Florida. When moving from one state to another, you may easily find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to plan and take care of. A 3,000 mile drive across country is not to be taken lightly. You would need to check the weather conditions, to inquire about the roads, roadside hotels and restaurants, gas stations, etc., and the information you receive is not always accurate. Apart from the 4 to 6 days drive, the planning will take you at least one week, adding to your rising stress-levels. Instead, you can leave your car to us and take a comfortable 5 hours flight from Washington to Florida? Given how much it costs to ship a vehicle from Washington to Florida, it makes economic sense, too!

Why Trust Us with Your Car?

We are one of the leading Washington to Florida auto shipping companies in the country, and we are dedicated to providing services of the best quality, at the lowest rates practiced for this route. With years of experience in the auto transport from Washington to Florida and not only, we guarantee that your car will reach its destination unharmed and within the shortest time possible, all at an amazingly cheap rate.

How to Hire Our Services from Washington to Florida

Assuming you have already received our quote and you find our price acceptable, all you have to do is to call us at (888) 201-2370 in order to settle the details with one of our representatives. Make the right choice for your shipping — choose American Auto Move and get the best Washington to Florida auto transport in the nation for less!