Ship a Car from Virginia to Texas

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American Auto Move – Hire Us and We Will Provide the Best Virginia to Texas Shipping Service

Do you need to take your car from Virginia to Texas for relocation purposes? Have you sold or bought a car and you need quick delivery to your home in Texas? Hire American Auto Move to get the job done and you will see that car shipping has never been easier or cheaper.

Pick the Type of Service – We will Take Care of the Rest

We have diversified our Virginia to Texas vehicle shipping services to be able to cater toall your requirements:

  • If you prefer to hand over and receive your car at a specific destination, you can choose one of our door-to-door transport packages.
  • If you are more comfortable giving us your car and receiving it at one of our facilities, our terminal shipping solution is an excellent, budget-priced option.
  • You get to choose the carrier as well. Enclosed carriers are most suited for special vehicles. Our open platforms are much cheaper and they work best for standard vehicles.

Fast Shipping, Whatever the Destination We work with an extensive hauler network of drivers everywhere in the country, so we can quickly reach you and pick up your car, even from remote areas. Our standard pick-up times are between 2-4 days, which is about 50% faster than other similar services from other companies. We also have express services available for larger metro areas. If you choose this option, we can pick up your car by the following day.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Vehicle from Virginia to Texas?

With us, you save not only time, but money. We work with thousands of drivers and we can surely give you the best auto shipping rate you can get. Virginia is about 1,310 miles away from Texas, so if you compare the time and money you would need to invest into the trip to hit the road by yourself with the price we offer, you will see that hiring us is the best decision.

Obtain Your Customized Quote Right Away – It Won’t Cost You a Thing

Getting a detailed, personalized, free quote from us is very easy. Call us at (888) 201-2370 and talk to one of our specialists or submit the Quick Quote Form online and receive our offer in your inbox within seconds. Whichever way you choose, don’t wait. Find out everything about Virginia to Texas car shipping and let us show you that we are the best service to use.