Ship a Car from Virginia to Tennessee

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Choosing the Best Auto Transport Carrier from Virginia to Tennessee

There are several aspects a client looking to hire a Virginia to Tennessee car shipping company must take into account:

  • Price – the element which can make or break a deal for some
  • Type of services provided – you will want to know that you have what to choose from, so that you can find something to fit your particular needs
  • Transport conditions – you need guarantees that car will be handled and transported with care
  • The people handling your car – ask about the drivers’ certification and experience
  • Recommendations – find out what previous clients think about the company’s services

We, here at American Auto Move, are proud to be on top to what all the items on this list are concerned.


How much does it cost to ship a car from Virginia to Tennessee? We cannot offer you an exact cost estimate without knowing a few details about your order, such as the type of car you need transported, the type of trailer you wish, or the urgency of the shipment. However, we guarantee that we practice the most convenient rates in the industry.

Type of Services Provided and Transport Conditions

Open trailer transport, enclosed transportation, express shipping, door-to-door and port-to-port transport are just some of the options you can choose from if you opt to work with us.

With us, you can be sure you will benefit from the best Virginia to Tennessee vehicle shipping carriers, which will bring your car to the destination in the best possible conditions.

The People Employed and Recommendations

The people hired by the company you choose to handle your car must be the best in the business, trained and well equipped to do the job. The drivers must be trustworthy and able to work fast and meet deadlines. And this is exactly what you will find if you choose to work with us.

As far as recommendations go, testimonials of past or current clients are the best and most reliable source of information regarding a company’s true service quality, and we are proud of having received numerous positive reviews from the people who decided to entrust their vehicle to us.

We know how important your car is for you, and we will always put your needs above everything else. Call us right away and ask for a Virginia to Tennessee auto shipping quote, and let us get your vehicle to the Volunteer State safe and sound!