Ship a Car from Virginia To South Carolina

Why Bother Driving from Virginia to South Carolina When You Can Call Us?

If you would not be concerned about driving from Virginia to South Carolina, have you thought about how much you could do with that much spare time? American Auto Move has decades of experience pleasing our customers, and we are not going to stop here.

Why Let Professionals Transport Your Car?

As one of the largest auto transport companies from Virginia to South Carolina, we provide top quality services. Thousands of customers have not regretted contacting us.

American Auto Move is a provider you can trust. We hire only professional drivers who have decades of experience behind them and have driven from Virginia to South Carolina so many times that they know it by heart. Every time they feel they are tired, they stop and do not go again until they feel they are fully rested and can safely continue on their journey.

Besides the fact that your car would be in safer hands if it were transported by an auto transport company from Virginia to South Carolina, going with a professional service would let you spend that time with your family, doing your job or just simply relaxing. Seven hours of driving could really mess up your schedule, and we are here for you, to let you stay in your comfort zone.

What Do Our Services Include?

We are safe, friendly, reliable and affordable. You would spend much more on the road by yourself on gas, food, tolls and possible speeding tickets, then you would spend hiring us. As one of the best vehicle transport companies from Virginia to South Carolina, we know what our customers want and need. We offer affordable pricing, full insurance of your car, an online ‘tracking your car’ application and prompt service. Our drivers will take your car to South Carolina in no time, and in a very safe way.

On our website,, you will find all the information you need to know about the drive from Virginia to South Carolina, and more. You will also find a telephone number where you can call at any time and get answers to all the questions you might have. Our customer service representatives will advise you and point you to all the services that are right for you.

For a safe drive from Virginia to South Carolina, trust American Auto Move with your car.