Ship a Car from Virginia to New York

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Find Out More about Secure Car Transportation from Virginia to New York

If you need get your car from Virginia to New York, you may think that the only available option is driving all the way by yourself. Did you ever hear about car shipping companies from Virginia to New York?

These companies can get your car all the way to destination without any troubles for you. One of the best companies in this domain is American Auto Move. Here, at American Auto Move we give our best in order to satisfy every client.

How Much Would It Cost to Ship a Vehicle from Virginia to New York?

Well, when we estimate a vehicle shipping price from Virginia to New York we take into consideration two major aspects. The first one is the exact distance. For example, the distance between Virginia and New York is somewhere around 430 miles, but when a price has to be given, the exact distance between the pick up point of your car and the destination point must be calculated exactly.

The second aspect is related to the model of the car to be shipped. As it is to be expected, the shipping of a smaller car will cost less than that of a bigger one. When all these aspects are known, it will be far easily to estimate a price for your car shipping from Virginia to New York.

What Would the Shipping from Virginia to New York Involve?

All you have to do is to contact us, and to let us know from where you want to have your car picked up and to where you want it delivered. Let us be honest: it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

The rest will be done by our professional drivers. One last thing is that you should not worry that your car will be driven all the way to destination: you car will be loaded on a vehicle shipping carrier from Virginia to New York, without any one driving it.

How to Contact Us?

The easiest way is by visiting our online page at Here, you will find information about what services we provide, pricing, terms and conditions and special promotions.

If you want to place the order online, all you have to do is to take a couple of minutes and fill in the application available on the site. Another way to contact us when you need you car shipped from Virginia to New York is calling us at (888) 201-2370.