Ship a Car from Virginia to New Jersey

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Moving a Car From Virginia to New Jersey Is Easier Than Ever

The route from Virginia to New Jersey passes almost directly through the most highly developed region of the nation, and while it is possible to drive through, traffic and other considerations will contribute to making the whole process a hassle. It could be argued that this is exactly the situation that car shipping companies were established to handle.

What Does a Car Shipping Company Do?

In brief, a car shipping company will, for a fee, load the vehicle at its departure point and, in the safest manner possible, deliver it to the destination, ensuring that nothing unusual happens in the process. For more complicated situations, shipping services are often able to offer different levels of service, from open flat deck delivery to totally enclosed climate controlled shipping options. Often the process is expedited by the use of an intermediary company rather than locating drivers or carrier services individually.

Intermediary Company?

This is where American Auto Move shines. Working directly with a customer to locate the right driver for the job from our extensive national database allows us to provide an optimized solution, balancing the best service against the best costs, and maximizing the value of the money spent on auto transport costs from Virginia to New Jersey.

What Are the Costs Likely to Be?

In order to more effectively answer the question of “how much does it cost to ship a car from Virginia to New Jersey?”, many companies insist on talking to a customer directly from the very start. American Auto Move, while still providing the option of having customers call, has also provided an online form which allows our dedicated customer service agents to start narrowing the field and providing more useful information right up front during the first conversation with a new or returning client. Thus, while a solid auto shipping quote cannot be provided prior to receiving the initial information from the customer, requesting such a quote will take only a few minutes and will yield immeasurable benefits.

How to Request a Quote

As simple as it sounds, picking up the phone and calling American Auto Move, or filling out our Quick Quote form is as simple as it can be. All that is needed to start the process is to contact us with some basic information, including:

  • a pick up and delivery addresses
  • make, model and style of the vehicle to be transported
  • relative time frame for the delivery to happen

By requesting a simple shipping quote for a Virginia to New Jersey delivery, all the hassle of personally driving a vehicle to deliver it can be avoided, and usually the whole process costs less than simply driving the vehicle would have.