Ship a Car from Virginia to Florida

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Hiring Professional Auto Transport from Virginia to Florida

Whenever you need to ship a vehicle from Virginia to Florida you should turn to professionals, namely to auto shipping companies from Virginia to Florida that have solutions for any kind of vehicle: cars, trucks, ATVs or military vehicles. One of the best companies in this line of business is American Auto Move.

Before you consider that it would be cheaper to take the car from Virginia to Florida yourself, keep in mind the following aspects. As far as the distance is concerned, we are talking of almost 700 miles, which means 13 or 14 hours of driving.

Actually it all resumes to a small fortune spent on gas, food and drinks, assuming you are used to drive for so many hours in a row, exhaustion, back aches and headaches, the risk of getting caught in traffic jams, of losing your way, of your car breaking down or of being involved in an accident.

Is Hiring Specialized Services Expensive?

When you put the pieces together, you come to realize that you could make money on the day you lose on driving, and added to the other costs, you sum up exactly the price of the shipping.

Do not take anyone’s word! Just get online and ask for an auto transport quote from Virginia to Florida. Review every Virginia to Florida auto shipping service you can find, and you will be surprised to discover the many benefits hiring such services brings.

How Is the Price of the Shipping Calculated?

There are different shipping services (open or closed carriers, regular or express), and the shipping price from Virginia to Florida depends on your choice. It also depends on the size and weight of your car, so here is a little tip: do not fill up before handing your car over to the company’s representatives, because the lighter the car is, the less you will pay for its transportation.

Get in Touch with American Auto Move

We have years of experience on the route from Virginia to Florida, we work with honest, well trained and experienced people and we charge less than our competitors. Call us at (886)-327-7863, or visit and let us show you that we value your car no matter how high or low its market price is. With us, the trip from Virginia to Florida takes very little, costs very little and asks very little of your time.