Ship a Car from Virginia To Connecticut

Why Turn to a Virginia to Connecticut Car Shipping Company?

The cost of driving your car from Virginia to Connecticut can overwhelm you even if you tend to have doubts about that. Besides the gas, you should also consider other expenses, like food, a motel room and the like. We are talking about approximately 512 miles, so it will take you more than 8 hours of driving in theory, probably double in practice.

Benefits of Hiring a Virginia to Connecticut Auto Transport Service

A shipping company can offer you safe transportation for your car. You can opt for enclosed or open carriers, depending on the type of car you own, your needs and budget.

If you have an expensive car, an enclosed carrier is your best alternative. This is because your vehicle will be transported from Virginia to Connecticut in an enclosed container, protected from any natural element.

On the other hand, using an open carrier is cheaper. Although your car will be exposed to sun, rain, dust and other elements, it will be delivered safely to destination. No matter what type of service you choose, with a Virginia to Connecticut auto transport company, you gain peace of mind.

You avoid considerable trouble and you get your car from Virginia to Connecticut fast and without incidents.

What Would Be the Most Reasonable Service?

At American Auto Move, we offer open Virginia to Connecticut auto shipping service at very low rates. Compared to other transportation methods, this is the cheapest alternative, very flexible and fast, but, what matters the most, it does not involve compromises as far as safety is concerned. Open shipping is almost as safe as enclosed service, and, as a proof, this is how new cars are shipped from the factory to the dealerships everywhere.

Of course, the rain, the wind or a hails storm could scratch a collection car, so it is understandable if, after paying a fortune for it, you are willing to pay extra just to kiss all your worries goodbye. In this case, an enclosed trailer is preferable, and you can find the most reliable ones in our fleet, at American Auto Move.

You can make a decision after comparing several price quotes and discussing with our consultants, so access our website at or call us right now at (866) 327-7863, and we will discuss how we can handle the burden of transporting your car from Virginia to Connecticut.