Ship a Car from Virginia to California

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Hire the Best to Ship Your Car from Virginia to California – Hire American Auto Move

American Auto Move is your ultimate transport partner if you want to have your car shipped from Virginia to California quickly, comfortably and for a price that is more than convenient. Virginia is a state of great historic importance, and also one of our favorites, so with American Auto Move, you will get the best service for shipping your car in and out of the Mother State. California is a state with a large volume of transportation requests, so we make it one of our priorities to serve these needs as promptly and professionally as we can.

Why Hire American Auto Move to Transport Your Car?

Special vehicles and standard cars can all enjoy the best care and the most comfortable journey with our modern platforms. For luxury vehicles, classic cars or sports cars, we recommend our enclosed carriers, while standard cars are best shipped on open carriers – but the choice is all yours.

Our services are very convenient in terms of turnaround times as well. We can pick up and deliver your car faster than most transport companies and we serve remote rural areas as well. If you live in one of the large metropolitan areas, you can benefit of our next day pick up service – you place your order and we meet you to pick up your car within 24 hours.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport Your Car from Virginia to California?

Whichever solution you choose for your Virginia to California auto transport, you can be sure your car will be handled with the highest level of professionalism. Our large pool of carriers and our cost management expertise makes it possible to practice the lowest price for the service you need and you can be sure that cheap auto shipping with American Auto Move comes with high quality standards.

How to Place Your Order

If you are interested in what we offer, contact us on our website or over the phone. You can obtain your free vehicle shipping quote by filling out our simple Quick Quote form you can see on the right or by calling one of our agents on the phone.

If you choose the online request, all you have to do is enter your personal details and some information about your vehicle and the transport – our shipping expert will send you a customized quotation in a few minutes from submitting your request.

If you wish to talk to us over the phone, we are available at (888) 201-2370 – we are looking forward to your call so that we can tell you everything about the details of Virginia to California car shipping.