Ship a Car from Virginia to Arizona

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Protect the Value of Your Classic Car during Shipping from Virginia to Arizona

Whether you are shipping your first vintage car from Virginia to Arizona, or you are a veteran collector with lots of experience, when it comes to hiring a vehicle transport company that will transport your vintage cars to a show, you just cannot put your precious possessions in the wrong hands.

Because classic cars do not just simply arrive from the assembly line, collecting such rare items is turning more and more into a special privilege than your usual hobby. If you want to ship them anywhere in the country, no matter how difficult the destination point is, you always have to get the best services possible and at the most affordable prices.

Why Use Auto Transport Service from Virginia to Arizona for a Vintage Vehicle?

At American Auto Move, we can fully appreciate the entire process that is involved in classic car shipping from Virginia to Arizona. Moving these classic vehicles is among our top specialties along with the enclosed transportation of exotic automobiles. So we know too well exactly how valuable a car can get. You did not spend the last decade collecting or restoring a classic car just to see it scratched, dented or affected in any way by a careless driver working for some Virginia to Arizona auto shipping company.

American Auto Move has spent many years perfecting its services in the transportation of classic and collectible cars from Virginia to Arizona starting with the fact that we make sure to have everything ready for each transport option that the customer may need. No matter where your destination point is, we are able to finish the job at the right time and in a single move.

When we transport a classic car, we don’t just pay attention to getting it where it needs to go. We take special care during every operation, so your car’s trip on the vehicle shipping carrier from Virginia to Arizona will go smoothly and without any damage to its delicate materials.

If you have a classic car (or a whole collection of them) that you need moved from Virginia to Arizona, visit our website at and read about our optional services for classic, luxury or delicate vehicles, ask our customer service representatives any questions you may have and fill out our quick quote form to check the costs.