Ship a Car from Vermont to Virginia

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Why You Should Consider Upper-Deck Car Shipping from Vermont to Virginia

When you are planning to ship your vehicle from Vermont to Virginia, auto shipping companies represent the best option available to any car owner. Vehicle shipping professionals provide open or enclosed trucks for transporting your automobile. The open carrier option is generally cheaper than enclosed carrier shipping.

However, with both methods the vehicle is carried in two or three tier decks, meaning that there is another automobile right above or below your vehicle. The majority of the vehicles are placed onto the auto shipping carrier from Vermont to Virginia based on their order of pickup or delivery. Nevertheless, some car shipping companies allow a car to be loaded on the upper deck if the owner pays some extra money.

You might wonder why you need to opt for the upper deck placement. There are some reasons behind this, but generally speaking it is like flying business class rather than economy.

Why Load Your Car onto the Top of an Auto Transport Carrier from Vermont to Virginia?

You must know that any car shipping company transports vehicles of various types, values and conditions. Not all the automobiles on a given carrier will be in the same condition. You can find cars that leak fluids, and you can imagine what could happen if your own vehicle is shipped on the lower deck of the vehicle shipping carrier from Vermont to Virginia for 600 miles.

If an automobile with leaking fluids is directly above your car, there are high chances that all the dripping oil, battery acid or antifreeze will fall on the car below it. Such unpleasant situations occur rather rarely because most of the customers inform the moving company about the vehicle’s condition. However, you do not want to take extra risks when it comes to the condition of your car.

This is why it is best to opt for the enclosed transport from Vermont to Virginia that guarantees placement in the upper deck of the carrier, especially if you who own a luxury or exotic car.

Another reason to select the top level of shipping from Vermont to Virginia is to protect the car against road debris. Generally, the massive transport carriers drive at approximately 60 miles an hour on the highway. Therefore, it is obvious that any road debris can provoke serious damage to the cars during the trip from Vermont to Virginia.