Ship a Car from Vermont to Tennessee

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Vermont to Tennessee Enclosed Auto Transport Solutions for Expensive Show Cars

One great way of getting a show car to its place of exhibit is a professional Vermont to Tennessee car shipping service. A professional service provider must have in its service portfolio tailored services for high end vehicle transportation and other special demands.

Antique cars or other unique cars should not be driven on the road to the car show due to obvious reasons, and an open trailer wouldn’t be the perfect solution either, as, as safe as it is, such a trailer cannot protect the vehicle from the vicissitudes of weather.

We here at American Auto Move recommend the enclosed auto transport service we provide especially for such cases, and we are proud to say that, throughout the years, we have successfully transported numerous expensive, antique and reconditioned cars on the nation’s roads.

What Does The Enclosed Auto Transport Imply?

While the open trailer can move 8-10 cars at a time, the enclosed auto transport can only carry 2-3 vehicles per trip – or even one, if the client insists on having the car transported alone. This Vermont to Tennessee auto shipping service is very demanding and must be handled by professionals. The car is loaded with utmost care by an elevator; it is tied down with soft ropes so as not to scratch the paint and for the car not to move around during transportation. Upon demand, the inside of the truck comes with climate control.

What are the costs implied?

How much does it cost to ship a car from Vermont to Tennessee with an enclosed carrier? Well, enclosed shipping is a bit more expensive than our standard transport service, but it will still be much more affordable than the prices practiced by our competitors.

A valuable load can make it more difficult for clients to choose a company. Our background and client portfolio recommend us as being leaders in the business and the best shipping company in the luxury segment. The responsibility implied by such an order is big, but we are used to handling such demands – we have been handling luxury cars for years. There is no car we cannot transport and no situation we cannot foresee.

The best way to bring an expensive car to a car show from Vermont to Tennessee is to call our number and tell us what, when and where, and you can be sure that you just hired the best vehicle shipping company in the nation!