Ship a Car from Vermont To Oregon

Open or Closed Vermont to Oregon Auto Transport

Driving is a relaxing activity for most people, but, when it comes to covering more than 2,800 miles from Vermont to Oregon, it can become very tiresome. When they realize that, most people choose to have their car transported with a Vermont to Oregon vehicle shipping carrier. The problem is that specialized companies offer two main types of services: open and enclosed. Which is the difference between them and what is the right one for you?

Open vs. Enclosed Car Transportation

Open transportation is the most popular type of service. Your car is transported by professional drivers in an open trailer. The main advantage of this practice is that it is cheaper than its enclosed alternative. As a matter of fact, this is the cheapest and the most economical way to have your vehicle transported from Vermont to Oregon.

However, there is also one main drawback. When transported in an open trailer, your car is exposed to natural elements, including here rain, snow, sunrays, dirt and debris. More than that, it may be seriously damaged in case an accident occurs.

On the other hand, opting for the enclosed service is much safer for your car. This is because all Vermont to Oregon auto shipping companies use enclosed trucks for relocating cars with this type of service. Even if an accident happens, your car is much better protected than it would be in an open trailer. The only inconvenience is that enclosed auto services are quite expensive. However, if you own a luxury or a classical car, you should go for enclosed car transport.

How Much Do the Vermont to Oregon Vehicle Shipping Companies Charge?

If choosing between open and enclosed car transportation services is still difficult for you, we can help you. Here, at American Auto Move, we come with great offers, affordable rates, discounts and helpful information.

For example, if you need to transport your every day car from Vermont to Oregon for personal or business reasons, we advise you to opt for the open service. You do not have to worry about accidents. We have the best drivers, who have years of experience in maneuvering and transporting any car model and type. Even if an accident occurs, we offer you coverage for any loss.

If you have a luxury or a collection car, you should opt for enclosed transportation. This is because it is much safer and it offers maximum protection for your vehicle. Although enclosed vehicle transportation is more expensive, it will give you peace of mind.

If you need more information regarding our services, insurance and price quotes, go ahead and call us at (866) 327-7863 or visit our website, Let us take over the burden of driving your car from Vermont to Oregon.