Ship a Car from Vermont to New Jersey

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When Moving a Car From Vermont to New Jersey, It’s Easier to Trust the Professionals

Tucked away up in the top corner of the nation, Vermont is home to the northern end of rolling Appalachian mountain range. The trip eight hours south to New Jersey is bounded on the west by these mountains. Traveling from Vermont to New Jersey, while breathtakingly scenic, is not a casual drive in any sense of the word. Having to choose between highly developed urban settings and mountain passes, such a trip is bound to be far more interesting than first anticipated. Shipping a vehicle using experienced auto shipping companies is a much more reasonable option.

Isn’t Shipping Too Expensive?

Shipping a vehicle is just like shipping any other article except the trailers tend to be a little larger. The most common question in this situation is ‘what is the price to move a car from Vermont to New Jersey?’ Now, without knowing the specifics of any particular situation beforehand, we can’t answer that. But why not fill out the no obligation online form and we can provide a reasonably accurate auto shipping quote relevant to your situation.

Is There Something Special About Your Vehicle?

While every vehicle is as unique as the person who drives it, most vehicles today fall into similar categories – compact, family sedan, SUV, van, pickup truck, etc. – and all of these are easily handled with regular carriers. But occasionally there comes a special car, a special ride that requires just a little more finesse in handling. Be it a lowered body kit with reduced clearance or a raised pickup that just won’t fit into a regular trailer, rest assured we have the right trailers available to move your vehicle from Vermont to New Jersey. Our access to a wide range of drivers and equipment makes finding just the right solution and auto transport rate a relative breeze.

Once You Have Gathered the Following:

  • the delivery state, city, and ZIP code,
  • the destination state, city and ZIP code,
  • the make, model and year of the vehicle to be shipped,
  • an approximate time frame for the delivery service.
  • A listing of any special attributes that need to be accounted for in transport (modifications to vehicle and the most common issue).

Call or go online and get your free Vermont to New Jersey vehicle shipping quote from American Auto Move. We look forward to helping you.