Ship a Car from Vermont to Hawaii

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Vermont to Hawaii Auto Shipping Service – Getting Your Vehicle There Safely

There are about 5,000 miles from Vermont to Hawaii, and most of that distance is covered by water. So how should you get your car there? The only reasonable is to contract a vehicle shipping company, unless you want to go out and get a freighter of your own!

Why should I choose American Auto Move?

Transporting cars is a delicate issue, especially if an expensive vehicle is involved, so of course you will want a professional and reliable company when it comes to covering a large distance like the one from Vermont to Hawaii. American Auto Move has a vast experience in shipping all types of vehicles and on all types of terrains, so, your car will be in the best hands possible. What is more, they offer their high-standard services at the best rates in the country. Just call (888) 201-2370 and ask for a quote, and see for yourself that it costs less to ship your vehicle from Vermont to Hawaii with American Auto Move than any other company in the nation!

Do I Need Any Planning?

Although it is relatively easy for you to get from Vermont to Hawaii, it is not the same situation for your car. So, if you want your car to get there in a certain period, you have to plan ahead. Our company will need a 3-5 day window that will allow us to pick up the vehicle and, after that, up to 19 days to get it shipped to Hawaii. The window is necessary for us to gather the right number of cars that need to be shipped. If you want your car to be waiting for you when you get to Hawaii, then you should contact us about 25 days before your departure. So plan well, and take a look at out Hawaii shipping procedures for more information.

Premium Services

The vehicles are shipped either in open trailers or enclosed ones, both of the options being extremely safe. However, if you have an antique vehicle or a car with exposed interiors, and you want it to have maximum protection against the elements during its journey, our premium, enclosed shipping service is just what you need.

Get Your Free Quote!

If you want to know what vehicle shipping from Vermont to Hawaii would cost, call us at (888) 201-2370 or fill out the form you can find on, and you’ll receive an accurate quote in no time! American Auto Move can ensure the smoothest and safest journey for your car, while you can focus on other tasks you may need to handle when relocating to Hawaii.