Vermont Auto Transport

vermont auto transport

Transporting a vehicle on your own can be a challenge — you have to deal with traffic, road work, and bad weather (not to mention other drivers!), and you put additional miles on the vehicle.

If you’re in Vermont and need to move a car, truck, or van into or out of the state, you should contact American Auto Move — the national choice when it comes to Vermont auto transport services.

Here at American Auto Move, we specialize in moving vehicles across the county, coast-to-coast, and to all destination points. All of the vehicles are placed safely on our secure auto haulers and delivered on-time to their agreed upon destination. We save our clients time, money, and stresses related to long road treks.

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It’s costly to move a vehicle on your own — you need to pay for a one-way plane ticket to either get to where the vehicle is located or back once it has been delivered, plus you’ll be spending money on gas, hotel rooms, and food. Those additional expenses can quickly add-up to much more than the cost of working with American Auto Move

  • Plane Ticket: $249 to $1,300
  • Gas: $450 to $600
  • Hotel Rooms: $200 to $500
  • Food: $200 to $500

That’s almost $3,000 — of your hard-earned cash — that you’ll be paying out just to move your auto. Really, it makes a lot more sense to go with a professional auto transport company, and American Auto Move is the choice of many.

We offer free quotes with absolutely no obligation, have no hidden fees, and are available to answer all of your questions about our auto transport services. Please, contact us for more information, today. We’re looking forward to serving all of your Vermont auto transport needs.

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