Ship a Car from Utah To Idaho

How to Save Time When Transporting Your Car from Utah to Idaho?

Driving your own car for 514 miles from Utah to Idaho will require more than nine hours. Possible traffic jams or vehicle malfunctions may delay your planned arrival at destination. Besides, if you consider the driving costs related to the hotel room, food or coffee, and the initial amount allocated for covering this distance, you will realize that it is not worth the effort.

Contacting a specialized car shipping company and contracting auto transport from Utah to Idaho would be the first step to save time and to better plan your daily agenda. Not to mention that no additional driving expenditures will be needed, and you can be sure that your car will arrive at destination in perfect condition.

How to Properly Prepare Your Car for Vehicle Shipping from Utah to Idaho?

Before shipping your car from Utah to Idaho, several rules should be taken into account. Additional fixtures, personal items, as well as any other loose items, such as antennas or DVD players should be removed from the car, as, during the transportation process, they may damage the interior.

Old receipts, as well as toll tags and parking passes should not be left inside the car either. The vehicle should be cleaned thoroughly on the inside and on the outside, to facilitate a complete car inspection before handing it over to the shipping company.

You should be present when the auto shipping company performs the car inspection before the loading. The resulted report should reflect all existing car problems, including dents or scratches, and a copy of the report should be offered to you, together with the Bill of Landing.

The vehicle should be in good running condition in order to qualify for shipping, and the fuel tank should contain only a quarter of its capacity. A complete set of keys should be handed in to the company while delivering the car for shipping. The alarm system should be deactivated to avoid that it be triggered accidentally.

How to Obtain Cheap Auto Transport from Utah to Idaho?

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