Ship a Car from Utah to Hawaii

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Have Your Car Shipped From Utah To Hawaii Fast And Safely

If you need a reliable auto carrier to ship your vehicle from Utah to Hawaii, look no further: American Auto Move is exactly what you need. Hawaii is one of the destinations we are the most often requested to transport cars to, which goes to show that we have earned the trust of many. We can offer high-standard and inexpensive car shipping, and we guarantee that once you use us once, you’ll come back again and again.

Why work with American Auto Move?

We can take your car to its destination safe and fast, while also providing good rates for you. If you might be a little nervous about how the shipping is taking place, you can access our free online car tracking service. You simply have to enter your booking number and you can find out what point your car has reached on the route from Utah to Hawaii at a certain moment. For on-water transportation, we have partnered with the best ocean shipping company, Matson Navigation, world-renowned for their professionalism. This means you will be offered a fast service with on-time arrivals. Similar services will provide Hawaii shipping in up to one month and a half. Because we collaborate with Matson Navigation, we can provide the same service with a shipping time of approximately three weeks.

How much will such a service cost you?

You are probably looking for a quality service but are also hoping for cheap car shipping from Utah to Hawaii. Know that we offer some of the best rates in the car shipping business. Our ace in the sleeve when it comes to car shipping costs might just be our great collaboration with Matson Navigation, the leader in Pacific shipping. So using us to ship your vehicle through Matson can save you $200 on your move instantly. Pay less and let us do all the work — it really doesn’t get any better than that! You won’t be able to find a better offer than this anywhere else, so don’t hesitate and contact us now! All you have to do is request a quote from us, either online or by phone, and, of course, place an order. The whole booking process will take only ten minutes, and then you can relax just leave it to us to take your car from Utah to Hawaii safely.