Ship a Car from Utah to Georgia

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The Simplest and Safest Car Shipping Procedure from Utah to Georgia

Try to move your car from Utah to Georgia and you will have to cover 1,650 miles, which means 28 hours if you get an average speed of 60 mph. Also count the time you should spend on resting or eating in a highway restaurant, and you will be surprised to find out that three days may not be enough for you to arrive in Georgia.

We, American Auto Move, are the solution that you need to solve your problem. We offer you a very convenient Utah to Georgia vehicle shipping service. Moreover, we can guarantee that your car will be safely shipped to destination.

What Are the Prices for Car Shipping from Utah to Georgia?

While choosing a company to move your car from Utah to Georgia, cheap vehicle shipping may be the first criterion you look at. We always try to put our price at a level that does not exceed what you would usually pay when driving your own car on the same route.

The price we ask for this service is one of the lowest on the market. But you should not limit yourself to asking what our price is. You should also investigate the prices that other companies require for the same service.

Moreover, analyze the effort that you should make to cover such a long distance, driving several hours in a row each day, during two or three days. Is your physical and mental effort worth that money only?

How Soon Can My Car Be Shipped from Utah to Georgia?

As soon as you establish the first contact with us, you will know exactly when your car will arrive in Georgia, in the location that we mutually agree. We have experienced drivers who will take care of your car during the whole journey. Also, be sure that we stick strictly to the deadlines that we have agreed with you.

If you still believe that you could arrive in Georgia in a shorter time, think twice at all the risks of such a long journey. For example, if you ignore the legal speed limit, you will have to pay some penalties. This way, you could pay even more than the Utah to Georgia vehicle shipping costs we ask for.

How Can I Contact Your Company?

To make a better idea about the services we can offer to you, please visit us at or just call us by phone at 866-327-7863, and we will tell you in detail how to order the transport of your car from Utah to Georgia.