Ship a Car from Utah to Florida

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Moving an Expensive Car from Utah to Florida

Moving an expensive car from Utah to Florida is a challenge for any owner or driver. It is a long distance to cover, around 1,900 miles. In time, that means about 48 hours on the road — quite an adventure even for the best drivers. Before you get behind the wheel, think about the exhaustion and the traffic conditions you have to put up with. In order to get to destination safely, you need to consider spending a night in a motel somewhere on the road. You will have to face traffic jams, you may run across irresponsible drivers and be the victim of an accident. Instead, you can turn to a Utah to Florida car shipping service and avoid all the hassle.

American Auto Move – The Best Auto Transport Company from Utah to Florida

Since you definitely want to know that your car is in good hands, you need to work with a reliable company like American Auto Move. They are the best choice, considering their excellent reputation, their affordable rates, their skilled and experienced employees and their commitment to offer the best services in the business. They can get your car from Utah to Florida or on any other route in the US in no time. It is your choice whether you want your car shipped in a close trailer or in an open one, what the insurance covers and how fast the car is delivered. In terms of auto transport costs from Utah to Florida, shipping with a close trailer is a little more expensive than shipping with an open trailer, but the benefits exceed the price difference. Your car will cover safely the distance from Utah to Florida, and you will not have to worry about anything.

How to Close the Deal

In order to obtain an accurate Utah to Florida vehicle shipping quote, you need to provide the company with information regarding your car, the place from where it should be picked up and the destination to which it should be delivered. The offer will be sent to the email address you provide, and, if you agree to pay the price asked, you will settle the time and date when the company’s representative have to take over the car. You can simply call us at (866)327-7863, or visit us online at No matter which option you choose, you are bound to discover a new way of covering the distance from Utah to Florida – the safe and comfortable one!