Ship a Car from Texas to Washington

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The Benefits of Using Auto Transport Services to Ship Your Car from Texas to Washington

If you’re thinking about Texas to Washington vehicle shipping but have your doubts, here are a few things you’ll probably need to know that will help you in your decision.

Employing the Services of a Shipping Company vs. Driving the Car Yourself

The main reason why you haven’t contacted a car transport company until now is probably the cost. You’re thinking that it will cost you loads of money, and that you’ll save on quite a bit by driving the car yourself. Well, let’s do a bit of math. The distance between Texas and Washington is roughly 1,400 miles, depending on the route. That’s about 22 hours of nonstop driving. Besides the obvious cost of gas, you’ll likely have to sleep somewhere, as you won’t be able to drive for 20+ hours without rest. So there’s accommodation too, plus three meals a day. You’ll notice that the bill is starting to get quite up there. Now, what are the chances of something happening on the road and having to pay for repairs or having other unforeseen expenses? If you’re wondering how “much does it cost to transport a vehicle from Texas to Washington?”, the answer is – a lot less than driving it yourself.

Don’t Expose Yourself to Unnecessary Risks – Use a Texas to Washington Auto Shipping Service

Another thing to consider is the risk of driving over such a great distance. In fact, every time you get behind the wheel, you’re exposing yourself to risks. Although the chances of having an accident aren’t as dramatic, there is still a possibility that something might happen due to negligence, fatigue or other factors. By employing a renowned company such as the American Auto Move, you’re passing on the risks to our experienced, well-trained drivers. Due to the hundreds of thousands of miles under their belt, they are able to handle long distance driving a lot better than a casual driver. And if something does happen, everything is ensured, so no risk here either.

We, at American Auto Move, place great importance on the quality of car transport, and we’ll make sure that your car gets a safe and speedy delivery to the new location. Just fill out the form required in order to get a Texas to Washington vehicle shipping quote, and then you can let us handle the transport.