Ship a Car from Texas to Ohio

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The Best Texas to Ohio Car Shipping Service – American Auto Move

Texas to Ohio is one of our favorite routes when it comes to auto shipping. Texas gives us a very high volume of orders, and we love traveling to Ohio. Whether you are relocating or you need vehicle shipping for other reasons, hiring American Auto Move is the best choice, as we are not only passionate, but also affordable and professional.

Why Work with American Auto Move

We always do our best to add value to our Texas to Ohio vehicle shipping services and make them as flexible as possible. We work with a very large carrier pool, which makes it possible for us to get to you wherever you are located and ship any type of vehicles with the shortest possible turnarounds.

If you need extra services, we are happy to give them to you:

  • Choose us and you get to choose the type of carrier platform – we have standard, open trailers that work best for usual cars and well-equipped enclosed platforms for more special vehicles.
  • Choose us and you get to choose the pick-up and delivery times as well – we provide standard packages with 2-4 day pickup and express services for the larger metro areas with next-day pick-up.
  • Choose us and you will know where your car is at all times – all our packages now include an online monitoring option, so trusting your vehicle to us does not mean that you lose track of it.

What Is the Price to Move a Vehicle from Texas to Ohio?

Your vehicle shipping costs will depend on the type of auto shipping carrier and the type of service that you go for, but the rate we give you is surely worth it. If you chose to take the car to Texas all by yourself, you would have to drive more than 1,220 miles – a beautiful, but very long, exhausting and expensive journey that implies hotel or motel fees, fuel expenses, money spent on food, on plane tickets to get back home and a lot of time spent on the road. If you choose us, on the other hand, all you have to do is place your order, give us your car and then receive it at the destination – and all these for much less than the costs of driving there by yourself.

Make the First Step Right Away – Get Your Free Quote

You can have our offer on paper within a few minutes. All you have to do is send us a few of the transport details via the Quick Quote form on our website or by calling us at (888) 201-2370 – your Texas to Ohio auto shipping quote will be detailed, accurate and tailored to your needs.