Ship a Car from Texas to Maryland

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American Auto Move Will Make Auto Transportation Much Safer from Texas to Maryland

If you think you are a good driver and you prefer to drive your car from Texas to Maryland instead of hiring a vehicle shipping company because you think that shipping companies will charge you thousands of dollars, then let us help you change your mind on that.

Hiring an Auto Shipping Company from Texas to Maryland vs. Driving There Yourself

You probably think that the reason you have not contacted a car shipping company yet, is that you want to save some money when choosing to drive the car to Maryland and that an auto shipping company will cost you a lot of money, especially when you have to move your car on a distance of 1,508 miles.

Let’s do some calculations regarding the costs involved both ways. If you decide to get your car from Texas to Maryland and drive an exhausting 23 hours, you should consider these: the fuel will cost you around $200 one way, plus other expenses on food, accommodation along the road and road expenses in case something goes bad. Not to mention your ticket back home. One way or another, you will be spending around $450 to say the least.

How Much Will It Cost You to Hire American Auto Move and Get the Best Auto Shipping Carrier from Texas to Maryland?

One of the risks involved when driving on such a long distance, is that you are exposed to a lot of dangerous situations, such as road blocks, heavy rain or accidents. Why should your risk all that when you have American Auto Move at your door to safely drive your car from Texas to Maryland?

By hiring American Auto Move, the country`s most reputable car shipping company, you will be passing all your risks into the hands of our professional staff and experienced drivers. With us, all your worries will disappear in a second, as our drivers will handle even the most difficult road conditions. And, above all, we will save you a lot of money, not to mention the wear and tear on your vehicle and, especially, your time and effort.

How to Contact Us and Contract the Best Vehicle Shipping Carrier from Texas to Maryland?

Just feel free to visit us at and fill in our free quote. Or simply call us at (888) 201–2370 and we will fill you in on our prices for shipping your precious car from Texas to Maryland.