Ship a Car from Texas To Idaho

American Auto Move Ensures You Safe Car Transport from Texas to Idaho

American Auto Move has extensive experience in providing auto transport services to and from various locations, therefore, choosing our company to ship your vehicle from Texas to Idaho allow you to benefit from excellent services and cost efficient solutions.

As opposed to driving on your own, which, for an occasional driver, will mean staying in the car for over 24 hours in order to cover the 1,436 miles distance and spending a fortune on the road, working with us will mean sitting back in your armchair and watching how your car is being taken on a carrier from Texas to Idaho. You will just have to arrange for it to be taken over at destination, and our drivers will take care of the rest.

American Auto Move Helps You Choose the Most Appropriate Car Shipping Service from Texas to Idaho

Trying to meet all of your needs, our company has come up with several shipping services focusing on speed, safety and affordability. For the shipping from Texas to Idaho, for example, you can choose between open and enclosed auto transport. Open transport is the standard solution allowing that up to fifteen vehicles be loaded on the same carrier and taken to destination at very low costs.

Although frequently used for new cars, this solution may not be suitable for classic expensive models or convertibles, which is why we are also offering enclosed shipping, meaning controlled trailer climate and soft tying systems to the trailer floor.

The better conditions are reflected, as it was to be expected, in the price, since enclosed trailers are more expensive and difficult to maintain and fewer cars can be shipped at the same time. The price difference reaches even 50%, so do your math before ordering one service over the other.

Obtain a Fair Price Quote with American Auto Move

In order to find out how much getting your car on our car shipping carrier from Texas to Idaho would cost, use the form at It will only take you a couple of minutes to fill in the details we need in order to give you an accurate price quote. This way, you will know exactly what working with us means, not only as far as the safety of your car is concerned, but also when it comes to your budget, because we know it has a limit, and we make sure not exceed it when shipping your car from Texas to Idaho.