Ship a Car from Texas to Hawaii

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Let Us Do All the Heavy Lifting for You

If you are looking for a safe, quick and cost-efficient way to get your vehicle relocated from Texas to Hawaii, look no further – American Auto Move offers you the best value for your money. The reliability and efficiency of our services and the extended network of the shipping partners we work with will guarantee that your car will be delivered smoothly to the doorstep of your new home in Hawaii -and all this for the best rates.

Why Not Drive Your Car Yourself?

Texas is not only the largest of all states in the US, but also the one with the most varied terrain conditions, which makes driving exhausting and time consuming as well: the total distance between Hawaii and Texas is around 3,800 miles, depending on the city you are relocating to and from, with a significant part of the distance being covered by sea. Relocation is never easy, but, in this case, the transport of your vehicle will involve even more organizing – unless you trust your car to professionals who will arrange for the whole transportation process for you.

Why Work with Us?

Moving from Texas to Hawaii involves a lot of arrangements to do. Applying for the services of American Auto Move will lift a burden off your shoulders and will provide you the peace of mind that your precious vehicle travels safely to your new home.

We provide you with several transportation options: you have various plans to choose from, according to your needs, and you can also choose the trailer or the hauler, either open or enclosed, for your car. We offer reliable services for the best rates and the best turnaround times possible. If you need fast shipment, you can choose our express transport service with vehicle pick-up in 24 hours. You can also check the whereabouts of your vehicle with our 24/7, free online tracking service that is an integral part of our service.

How Do I Get Started?

You can get your free quote within a few minutes – all you need to do is access our website at, fill out and submit the Quick Quote form or contact us over the phone at (888) 201-2370, and our transportation experts will provide you with the best sample quotes in no time.

Contact us and we will get your car from Texas to Hawaii as quickly as possible for the best price!