Ship a Car from Texas To Connecticut

Military Auto Shipping from Texas to Connecticut Becomes Easier

If you are a member of the military, we can bring your car from Texas to Connecticut for a significantly discounted price. You are lucky, because we, American Auto Move, are determined to help you use your vehicle on your next assignment without spending a fortune on its shipping. Auto shipping from Texas to Connecticut is just routine for our team of professionals. You can stop worrying and spend a few extra hours with the people you love, while we make sure your car awaits you at destination.

Why American Auto Move?

We are an auto transport company. Our goal is to provide top services for our clients at very competitive prices. Safety, trust and professionalism are the words that define us.

We work only with drivers who take their jobs seriously. They are skilled and experienced professionals, and, with their help, we provide the best services for vehicle shipping from Texas to Connecticut.

Your car will be transported safely from Texas to Connecticut and it will arrive at the location of your new assignment on time. Moreover, we insure your car for the shipping. Before loading it onto the carrier, we inspect it closely. Everything will be marked on the Bill of Lading. In case of an accident, your car will be completely insured.

What Are the Benefits of Working with Us?

The last thing you need when you are assigned a new mission is a long and exhausting journey like the one from Texas to Connecticut. Instead of driving 1,900 miles you can spend another day with your family. We can take care of your car and ship it safely and quickly while you are enjoying your time with friends and family.

We offer special prices if you are a member of the military. You will enjoy a discount of 50$ and you will pay less than any usual customer. To benefit from the instant discount, call us and mention that you are a military.

You can find all the information regarding our services online, at You will also find testimonials of our military clients, to convince yourself that we keep our promises. You will see that we are trustworthy and appreciated on the market. While you relax, you can check online to see where your car is and when your transport is due to arrive at Connecticut.

Of course, there are other companies on the market that provide this kind of services, but American Auto Move is the best auto shipping company from Texas to Connecticut. Contact us, and a driver will come immediately to take your car from Texas to Connecticut.