Ship a Car from Tennessee to North Carolina

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If You Want to Move Your Luxury Car from Tennessee to North Carolina, You Should Take Some Extra Measures Beforehand

Whether you have to ship your first luxury car from Tennessee to North Carolina or you are already an experienced collector and want your whole garage of vintage vehicles to be transported to a renowned show under optimal conditions, a professional transporter has the perfect solution for protecting your automobiles during the trip.

What Are the Benefits of Working with Auto Shipping Companies from Tennessee to North Carolina?

Of course classic or luxury cars need special care due to their special value, not only financial but also sentimental. If you want to transport them from Tennessee to North Carolina, no matter what obstacles you might encounter during the 425 miles of highways linking the two states, you have to take all the necessary precautionary measures to prevent any potential damage to your vehicles.

At American Auto Move, we understand this and we carefully plan the entire complex process involved in a Tennessee to North Carolina auto transport of classic cars. We take pride in the fact that shipping luxury cars is among our specialties, thanks to our modern enclosed trailers.

We appreciate how valuable an automobile can be for its owner. We also understand that our customers do not want to spend important time and money collecting or restoring classic vehicles, just to see them get scratched, or worse, during transport. We do our part by caring for your car, but you need to do your part by not choosing just any one of the auto shipping companies from Tennessee to North Carolina. Quality matters.

What Are the Costs Involved in Auto Transport?

The cost of moving your classic car from Tennessee to North Carolina is based on our predetermined costs. If you fill out the short form on our website, we can provide you with our average rates depending on the value of the car, distance, type of carrier and so on. These quotes will help you calculate how much you would have to pay to transport your classic or luxury car in perfect condition.

How to Contact Us

For collectors who understand that vehicle transporting demands are extremely high and very few companies can meet them, American Auto Move is the way to go. Visit us at and let us carefully transport your treasure from Tennessee to North Carolina.