Ship a Car from Tennessee to New York

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Getting Your Car from Tennessee to New York without Wasting Time and Money

The road from Tennessee to New York takes up to 17 hours of driving, without counting the stops that you need to make anyway. That is why we, at American Auto Move, suggest that you leave your car in our hands for those 949 miles or 1,527 km, while you relax on a two hour plane ride and plan what you will do with your time.

What Can a Vehicle Shipping Company Provide?

There are a lot of benefits associated with hiring specialized auto transport services from Tennessee to New York. For example, your car is certainly safer if transported by professionals than if you drive it all the way.

It is not necessarily about the skills of a driver, but about the actual stress that you put the car through when you drive it on a long road: the weather can be damaging, the roads can kill tires and who knows what irresponsible drivers get in your way. When your car is secured in a trailer all the way from Tennessee to New York, it is not exposed to so many threats and, thus, safer.

Furthermore, such a service means peace of mind. You know that your car is safe and that it will be at the delivery spot when you need it, so you can plan your time better and do more things, leaving the worries to us.

Is There Cheap Car Shipping from Tennessee to New York?

There are some points that have to be clarified before a service provider like us, American Auto Move, can estimate the costs of the transport. You want your car shipped from Tennessee to New York, but we need the exact location of the pickup and delivery points. Furthermore, we need to know some details about your car, because size matters. If it is a small car, it will probably cost you less to have it shipped than if it is a big car.

Why Hire Us?

American Auto Move is known as the best auto shipping company from Tennessee to New York and on all the important routes in the United States. If you visit our website at, you can see the services and discounts we offer, you can apply for a free quote and ask any questions you might have. You can also call us at (888) 201-2370, and one of our operators will answer your questions on what shipping cars from Tennessee to New York involves.