Ship a Car from South Dakota to New Jersey

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How Do You Get Your New Prize Home from South Dakota to New Jersey?

Whether you have just purchased an incredible bargain at auction or finally completed a passionate search for just the right vehicle, now there is another challenge facing you: how are you going to get your new treasure home from South Dakota to New Jersey? Aside from having a second driver who doesn’t mind traversing half the country with you and enduring the boredom of the northern prairie driving, the obvious solution is to hire an auto shipping contractor to get it home for you.

How to Choose Among Competing Auto Shipping Companies?

The standard model of evaluating competing contractors applies just as well to a South Dakota to New Jersey shipping quote as it does any where else. The answers to the following questions will help narrow down the field somewhat.

  1. What do I have that needs shipped and which companies can handle the load?
  2. Is the liability and coverage I am looking for available from the company I choose?
  3. What is the price to ship a vehicle from South Dakota to New Jersey?
  4. What level of interaction and customer service does this company provide, what are prior customers saying about the service as provided?

After briefly answering these questions, the options for auto shipping companies are narrowed to a few quality providers. One thing is certain: American Auto Move will come out on top of the list each time. In fact, at American Auto Move, we’re confident enough, that we have even provided a comparison quote function allowing you to input competing quotes to see how they compare with our rates.

What Will It Cost to Ship Your Vehicle Home?

On average vehicle shipping costs are slightly under $0.50 per mile, and American Auto Move’s extensive network of drivers and carriers allows us to offer the lowest price possible for our customers, ensuring an optimized balance between the quality of service and the efficiency of costs.

No two vehicles are the same, and as a result, no two customer or situations are going to be the same. In working directly with you, the customer, and directly with the carrier in question, we at American Auto Move are able to offer unsurpassed service levels which allow you to rest easy, knowing that your vehicle will be safe and sound traveling from South Dakota to New Jersey – why not call and get the ball rolling today?