Ship a Car from South Dakota To Connecticut

Transport Your Car Safely from South Dakota to Connecticut

If you need to go from South Dakota to Connecticut, do not worry about your car. It is a very long journey of almost 1,600 miles, and it might be very unpleasant for you to drive. You should let the hard work to professionals. Choose American Auto Move, a reliable auto transport company from South Dakota to Connecticut.

Why Trust American Auto Move?

We offer different types of shipping: open, express, direct and enclosed auto transport, terminal, military and port to port shipping. We are one of the best car shipping companies from South Dakota to Connecticut, we know what our clients want – reliable, fast and affordable services – and provide everything at the highest quality standards.

We have a lot of experienced drivers who have covered the distance from South Dakota to Connecticut many times. Our professionals know the route very well and they can transport your car safely. This is the best way to save time and money, considering the fact that the journey by car will need more than one day and will involve that you stop to have something to eat and to rest.

How Can We Help You?

If you have not yet made up your mind on whether to drive to destination or have your car shipped or you haven’t chosen the company to handle the shipping, visit our website You will find here information about our services and prices. You can also read testimonials from our customers and convince yourself that we are the best auto transport company from South Dakota to Connecticut.

Then, you can contact us by telephone or email anytime. We will receive your order immediately and honor it in no time. A member of the team will talk to you about the type of service you chose and the price. Rest assured that it will be the final price. You will not have to pay additional fees for the road from South Dakota to Connecticut.

If you need to ship your car on this route repeatedly or if you have several cars to ship and you hire us, you will receive a considerable discount. The location of your car can be checked online anytime you want. You can verify whether there have been any traffic incidents and how much time it will take for the transport carrier to reach destination.

Whether you want to transport your car from South Dakota to Connecticut or just to ask a question, we are available for you anytime!