Ship a Car from South Dakota To Alaska

It Is a Real Adventure to Move Your Car from South Dakota to Alaska

In our opinion, there is no way you could think to drive from South Dakota to Alaska, because you should cover 2,973 miles, starting from Rapid City and reaching Anchorage the earliest after driving 57 hours, or eight days, if you like. Unless you want to prove to someone or yourself that you are an endurance driver, you should not consider doing it. Such a long route, along the western coast of Canada, is difficult and risky even for professionals.

We Offer You a Better Alternative and a Tempting South Dakota to Alaska AutoShipping Rate

The idea for the transport of your car from South Dakota to Alaska is to use our port to port service, which is our bread and butter. We are experts in this kind of transport, as we move more vehicles between different ports than any other company dealing with auto transports in the United States.

As the best vehicle shipping company, South Dakota to Alaska is for us an ordinary route, thanks to the multitude of shipping orders between these two states that we have received. Our company is pro-rated with Matson Navigation and, if you are shipping from any of the Matson ports, you can enjoy the quality services that Matson Navigation provides, as well as deep discounts that we, at American Auto Move, are ready to offer to you.

What Other Destinations Are Available with This Transport Method?

Alaska is not the only destination included in our collaboration with Matson Navigation. We can also provide car shipping to:



Puerto Rico;

Any other American territory.

Moreover, do not forget our discounts. When you order car shipping from South Dakota to Alaska, it will cost you $100 less than if you shipped your car with Matson Navigation directly. As you can see, our proposal is much better than driving the car yourself on such a long distance.

How Can You Find Us?

It is easy to contact us, American Auto Move, at 1-888-201-2370, where our operators will tell you everything you need to know about our port to port South Dakota to Alaska car shipping service, or to visit our Services page on and find a description of what this service means, so that you can order the shipping of your car from South Dakota to Alaska and be sure that it will arrive safely at Anchorage.