South Dakota Auto Transport

south dakota auto transportAmerican Auto Move amongst the industry leaders in South Dakota auto transport. We transport thousands of vehicles each year, with hundreds of these vehicles going into or out of South Dakota. We transport just about any type of vehicle imaginable, including cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, vans, campers, and motorcycles.

Our extensive experience in the South Dakota area means that we do not fall prey to the same difficulties that other brokers have in transporting in this area. We work with drivers directly, so the prices that we give you are flat rates for quick pickups. No matter what area of the state you’re in, we can have your car shipped within a week!

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American Auto Move’s experienced and friendly staff is here to help you get your vehicle transported. Call us today at (888) 201-2370 to speak to someone about getting your vehicle transported. If you’ve been thinking about driving your vehicle, take a moment to consider the costs involved. Between food, gas, lodging, a trip back home, and most importantly your time, the costs of driving across country can really add up.

Your costs:

  • Plane ticket – $200-500
  • Food – $100-200
  • Gas – $125-250
  • Lodging – $250-400
  • Time / Opportunity Costs – $200-500
Total Cost: $1000

Our costs:

Average cost for Open Trailer auto transport from South Dakota: $895 TOTAL COST American Auto Move will actually save you time and money! Don’t bother driving when American Auto Move can do the job for less. Transporting your vehicle with American Auto Move makes a lot more sense than driving. The average cost for a cross-country road trip will cost you roughly $1,000, while the average cost for auto transport from South Dakota is a mere $895!

Transport your car with American Auto Move and we can save you in manifold ways! Call American Auto Move today at (888) 201-2370 and have your South Dakota auto transport now!

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