Ship a Car from South Carolina To West Virginia

Considering the Best Practices for South Carolina to West Virginia Car Shipping

South Carolina to West Virginia car shipping routes can be quite demanding. To ensure that your vehicle has the best chance of getting to its destination in one piece, apart from hiring a reputable shipper, it may also be necessary to keep track of the best practices associated with shipping carriers.

Before Having Your Vehicle Picked Up

Prior to the haulers arriving to load your vehicle, you should always exercise a few important precautions to make sure everything will be in good order during the shipping process:

  • Clean your vehicle as thoroughly as possible.
  • Do a complete inspection of your car and take picture of it before having it shipped.
  • Consider getting what is called gap insurance to cover everything that your shipping carriers insurance policy doesnt protect your car against.
  • Provide your South Carolina to West Virginia car shipping service with all your contact information.

Your Cars Arrival at the Destination

Again, when receiving your car, a thorough inspection is necessary to make sure it arrived in the same state as it was at the moment of departure from South Carolina.

In case there is a problem, the transport is delayed or your car was damaged in transit, remember that you have your rights. Contact your shipping company as soon as possible to attempt to remedy the problem, and review your insurance policy as well as the added insurance coverage provided by the company to see exactly how you can be compensated for a potential loss.

Lower Costs and Straightforward Car Shipping

Before even hiring a vehicle transport service, its important to consider “just what is the price to ship a car from South Carolina to West Virginia with a car shipping service that provides a fair deal?”

Here at American Auto Move, we not only ensure that you get the best prices in the industry without putting much effort into it, but we have a tradition of helping all our clients even with the smallest problems associated with car transport.

All you have to do is call and ask for assistance, and our experts will help you decide on the type of carrier that would best suit your car, the specific features that keep your expenses at a minimum and the preparation tasks you need to take care of before we can load up your car and before you can receive it at the West Virginia destination of your choice.

Just consider filling out our quick quote form for a completely free car shipping quote from South Carolina to West Virginia, and call our experienced representatives to ask for further information about the high end carriers we provide before booking your order you wont be disappointed!