Ship a Car from South Carolina to Virginia

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Transporting Your Car or Truck from South Carolina to Virginia

If you need to transport a vehicle from South Carolina to Virginia, you can either drive it yourself or hire an auto transport company to ship it for you. Which option you should choose, and how much you should plan on spending for it, will depend on your vehicle, your schedule and your budget.

Should You Hire an Auto Transport Service from South Carolina to Virginia?

If you need to move a boat, race car or antique, then you probably are not even considering moving it yourself. You would probably have to rent a trailer and maybe even a truck to tow it with, and the cost in terms of both money and work would be quite high.

But if you have a passenger car or light truck to move from South Carolina to Virginia, then it still is probably in your best interest to opt in favor of vehicle shipping from South Carolina to Virginia.

The distance from the state line between South Carolina and North Carolina to the state line between North Carolina and Virginia is about 160 miles, and in ideal conditions it would take 3 hours to cross it. But depending on where in South Carolina you are starting out and where in Virginia you need to go, the trip could end up being twice that long.

Most people find that it actually costs less to let us ship their cars than it would to drive them. This is because we can load 8 to 10 cars at once on our carriers, which is much more fuel-efficient than driving each car separately. Hiring South Carolina to Virginia auto transport companies also reduces pollution, saves wear on the vehicle, and of course, is much easier for you.

What are the Vehicle Shipping Costs from South Carolina to Virginia?

The cost to ship your car, truck or other vehicle from South Carolina to Virginia will depend on many factors, so until we ask you some questions, we cannot know how much it will cost. Some of these factors are the size and weight of your car, your preferred shipping options and whether you are in a hurry.

To find the price for your South Carolina to Virginia auto shipping job, go to and fill out the quick quote form, and we will send you a quote promptly.