Ship a Car from South Carolina To Puerto Rico

Have Your Vehicle Moved from South Carolina to Puerto Rico by the Best Auto Shipping Company Work with American Auto Move

American Auto Move has extensive experience in shipping vehicles on the South Carolina to Puerto Rico route. We can proudly say we know every stone along the 1,400 miles that separate the two states and we are experienced in arranging for overseas shipments as well hire us and benefit from the best service for the best price.

Why We Are the Best Auto Shipping Service in the Nation

Our South Carolina to Puerto Rico car shipping services are outstanding not only in terms of pricing, but in diversity as well. With us, you can avoid driving for long hours in bumper to bumper traffic, you will get rid of the hassle of having to arrange for naval shipping to the island,and you can concentrate on things more important than moving your vehicle.

Varied Transport Packages and Diverse Carrier Options

With us, you can choose the type of shipping plan and also the hauler that best suits your requirements:

- We work with open and enclosed carriers so that you can choose the option that works best for you;

- We offer the most comfortable pick-up solution, too door-to-door auto shipping is our standard service, but we also provide port-to-port and terminal shipping as well.

Fast Shipping to Suit Your Busy Schedule

We are the best when it comes to shipping times as well. The pick-up times offered by our standard services are around 2-4 days, but we can be even quicker if you want us to: if you can hand your vehicle over to us in one of the cities of South Carolina, we can pick it up in 24 hours from receiving your request.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Vehicle from South Carolina to Puerto Rico?

If you were to take your car all the way to the Isle of Enchantment yourself, that would involve a long drive and overseas travel as well, which is not only very costly, but also exhausting and difficult to organize. If you choose us to handle your vehicle, all you will have to pay is our very convenient, one-direction auto shipping rate and then you can relax, assured that your vehicle is handled with love, care and professionalism.

How to Get a Free Quote

If you want to find out what quality vehicle transport looks like, ask for free quote for your shipment. Contact us over the phone at (888) 201-2370 or submit the Quick Quote Form on our side bar and we will get back to you soon with the best South Carolina to Puerto Rico car shipping offer you can get.