Ship a Car from South Carolina to New Jersey

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Delivering a Car from South Carolina to New Jersey Takes Only Moments to Arrange

If you need to quickly and easily deliver a car from South Carolina to New Jersey, the best car shipping company to call is American Auto Move. Rather than facing a day or two of tedious travel, the hassle of new roads and unknown situations, why not call the professionals with the right experience to make the trip with ease?

What exactly does an auto transport carrier do?

It’s said that this nation runs on wheels; every vehicle ever produced in the United States and delivered to the east coast was delivered using a car hauler. Every vehicle delivered to a factor dealership from South Carolina to New Jersey, and everywhere else, has arrived on a trailer. If the process works for automotive dealerships, then why shouldn’t it work for an individual like you? Much like they do for automotive manufacturers, auto shipping companies will arrive at a predetermined time, load your vehicle and then, after securing it to the trailer, they will deliver it to the destination chosen by you.

Why choose American Auto Move?

At American Auto Move, we have established a reputation for excellence, retaining only top-rated drivers and carriers, and focusing on customer service. We aim to establish accurate quotes and provide fee structures which are optimized to maximize quality of service and cost-effectiveness. With 24 hour customer service available 365 days a year and online accessibility from any network enabled device, we are here for you. We have even gone so far as to have enabled online tracking protocols that allow you to track your car every step of the way from South Carolina to New Jersey, able to pinpoint where your vehicle is at all times.

How to get started?

In order to get your free quote, either call American Auto Move directly using our toll free number 1-866-327-7863 or go online to fill in the ‘request a quote’ form online. After a short while, one of the dedicated customer service representatives will be in touch with all the information you will need. To make the process as smooth as possible, you should have the following information on hand before placing the call or starting the form:

  • The city of origin, or where you’re shipping from, including zip code
  • The destination city including zip code
  • The nature or type of the vehicle
  • The year, make and model of the vehicle
  • Any special shipping concerns such as a customized lowered body kit, or it if will need special loading considerations

Once all of the information is in place, and you have received the relevant information and a quote, shipping your vehicle from South Carolina to New Jersey is almost completed; why not contact us and get started today?