Ship a Car from South Carolina To Idaho

Have the Experts Ship Your Car from South Carolina to Idaho

Using a car shipping company to move your car from South Carolina to Idaho seems to be the best solution when there are 2,340 miles between the two states. If you choose a vehicle shipping service, all you have to worry about is taking your car to the pick-up point and then taking it from the delivery point. Find out now how much it will cost you to use an auto transport company from South Carolina to Idaho; fill in the quote form, and you will be surprised how cheap it is!

The next step is calling and making an appointment with one of our teams, to have your car picked up. However, in order to have a smooth ride and diminish the risks, there are a few things you should take care of before shipping your car.

What to Do before Having Your Car Loaded on a Carrier from South Carolina to Idaho

We strongly advise you to wash your car before having it moved. As we offer insurance for your car during the transportation, the driver will perform a pre-shipping inspection, before loading it on the trailer, to check its state. When the car is clean, it is much easier to spot any scratches or dents it might have.

Another thing to do before the car shipping carrier from South Carolina to Idaho arrives, is taking your personal goods out of the car. The rules regulating interstate commerce state clearly that personal goods cannot be transported by auto transport carriers. Please make sure you remove everything that can be considered personal good, to avoid possible damage and also fines.

What Not to Do When You Request a Shipping from South Carolina to Idaho

If you are using the best car shipping company from South Carolina to Idaho, you do not have to double book your order. American Auto Move employees will start working on your order as soon as it has been placed, and double booking it will just mean a lot of complications and delays.

We cannot stress enough how important it is not to make changes regarding the details of your move at the last moment. If you have changed your mind about any of the details, it is essential that you communicate them in due time, to avoid delays and even cancelation of your order from South Carolina to Idaho.